Ouentironk Map

The Wendat people who lived in the area of what is now called Lake Simcoe had a different name for it, which was Ouentironk (oo-ent’-er-onk), meaing “Beautiful Waters”.

The map is the same as our Lake Simcoe Watershed map, though the new Lake Simcoe moniker has been left off with only the Wendat name, and translation, remaining.

The map itself encompasses the northward flow from the Oak Ridges Moraine, seen in the higher elevation at the southern edge of the map, the lowlands of Holland Marsh wetland and Holland Rivers, flowing into Cooks Bay, and the high elevation and southward flow from the Oro Moraine, at the north-west quadrant of the map.

Man-made features are absent, so the map focuses simply on the relationship between the land and the water.

We do all of our prints with a locally operated business. They are done on premium 48 lb matte bond paper.


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