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Changing mega projects like these is a bit like piloting a huge cruise ship – it takes a lot to slow momentum and reverse course.

There are two more actions you can take.

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Action #1

Spread the word on social media.

You can also share to other platforms, such as Instagram, by downloading and saving the image.

  1. Click button to download image;
  2. Share to your favourite social media platform;
  3. Include link to take action in your post:

Action #2

Write a letter to your local media.

  1. Don’t stress about length or detail;
  2. Write what you know, about your connection to the lake and our region;
  3. Feel free to include some of the pointers we’ve provided here.

Some questions to consider as you are writing your letter:

  • Who do you represent?
  • Why do you care about Lake Simcoe?
  • What is so great about it?
  • What are your concerns about the future?
  • What do you think the province’s role is?

Some of the key problems:

  • Allocating and accommodating the new Growth Plan, which orders municipalities to more than double the watershed’s population by 2051;
  • The Upper York Sewage System potentially discharging into Lake Simcoe;
  • The Orbit MZO request for 150,000 people in Innisfil;
  • The proposed Bradford Bypass over protected wetlands in the Holland Marsh and the Greenbelt.

Some potential solutions:

  • Provide municipalities with greater flexibility in meeting the province’s population minimums in the Growth Plan, but to plan for growth with hard urban boundaries and only where it can be demonstrated that the benefits clearly outweigh the costs, where costs are calculated with complete cost accounting;
  • Greenbelt expansion could better protect Simcoe County’s farmland and restrict sprawl;
  • Deny the Orbit MZO;
  • Do not discharge UYSS into Lake Simcoe and seek alternative solutions;
  • Conduct a fulsome Environmental Assessment, or support a Federal Review of the EA, on the Bradford Bypass including studies on climate change, habitat and wetland destruction, and water quality impacts to Lake Simcoe.

Submissions can be made to the following addresses:
Barrie Today
Lake Simcoe Living
Mad Hunt (New Tecumseth)


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