Act now so our communities can thrive in the future.

Simcoe County is currently in the midst of its Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) process. This process determines how our communities will be developed in the next 30 to 50 years. Developers want to build sprawl.

With the converging crises of climate change, habitat loss, inequality and lack of housing affordability, infrastructure debt, skyrocketing food prices, among others, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

For our children and their children.

Sprawl, the land it consumes and the car-dependency that it requires is a leading cause of climate change, especially in Ontario. Developers have already put in 70+ requests to develop about 6400 hectares more land, pressuring the County to enrich these developers at the expense of our health and bank accounts. This will jeopardize the health of our communities and our ability to meet our 2050 climate targets – but we can do something about it. 

The County needs to hear from you that we want our water, our green spaces and farmland protected and our communities made affordable, healthier and sustainable. We simply cannot afford not to. 

Urban sprawl may be the status quo, but we know by now that the status quo won’t get us out of this mess. 

We’re at a tipping point. Climate breakdown, economic recession, social inequalities, biodiversity loss. The Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a huge opportunity for us to choose to move towards 15-minute communities that are healthier and safer for us and the planet, while strengthening our local economy and addressing our housing crisis.  

Urban sprawl represents the always-consuming colonial mindset that got us into this mess. Choosing more sprawl is irresponsible for the environment, for public health and wellbeing, and for the economy. It has to stop. 

The MCR will lay out the page, it’s up to us to write the story.

Read the statement below and add your name if you agree.

Signatures added to this petition will be collected and delivered to the County and other decision makers.

Community supported, advocacy for a safe and secure future.

We rely on support from people like you. Governments have failed to act to protect our communities and the futures of our children and grandchildren. They continue to treat our environment as if it’s incidental to life, rather than a foundation for it. We need strong community organizations to fight for our future now more than every. Please consider donating to support our work.

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