Take Action

Simple and effect actions you can take to ensure our environment is protected, so that it can provide for our children and their children in Simcoe County and beyond.

Protect Lake Simcoe

Despite commitments to improve the health of Lake Simcoe this government is poised to make decisions that would set us back decades and risk losing the billion dollars worth of ecosystem services, including cleaning the air and water, that the lake provides each year.

Minister's Zoning Orders

Minister's Zoning Orders are ripping up public consultation in the planning process, politicizing it by centralizing decisions in the hands of a few, and ruining key habitat.

Simcoe County is a hot zone for MZOs, and many councils, by supporting them, are acting as if they aren't accountable to the public.

Send an email to the Minister saying that you oppose this undemocratic overreach.

Grow the Greenbelt

In 2015 the Advisory Panel for the Coordinated Review of the Growth Plan, Greenbelt Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, and Niagara Escarpment Plan, chaired by David Crombie, reported to the government their recommendations for how Ontario should grow in the coming several decades.

The recommendations of this report show that expanding the Greenbelt is one of the best ways to ensure our children and their children can continue to rely on an environment that supports their health and wellbeing.

Support a Just Recovery from COVID-19

Just Recovery Simcoe, an initiative that SCGC is proud to be a part of, advocates for a recovery from COVID that supports people and their communities, including the natural community that we all so fundamentally rely on.

Get Municipalities to Declare a Climate Emergency

A climate emergency declaration is an important step toward addressing the most pressing issue of our time.

An emergency declaration helps frame the urgency of the issue in the public’s eye, and can help build the case for needed action.