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Campaign 2023

Goal: $10,000
Funded 37%

Ontario’s Greenbelt is under attack.

Our government is reneging on a core promise to Ontarians, that the Greenbelt will be protected.

The services the Greenbelt provides in terms of filtering water and air, providing habitat for wildlife, protecting local, family owned farms, equals billions of dollar’s every year. This is value that goes directly to all Ontarians, and the benefits accrue to future generations.

The Greenbelt is also a key tool in our fight against climate change.

We have an ambitious plan for this natural jewel – first, to protect it, and second, to expand it.

To accomplish this we need your support.

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Margaret Atwood explains her connection to the Simcoe area and her concern for the future of the Greenbelt.

Help us lay the foundation for a greener, more prosperous future for Ontario.

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Photo of a man wearing a baseball cap, with the cap in focus and nearer the viewer. The cap has the words "Love your neighbour" on it. Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash
The Whale

The Whale: Confessions of a “Bad” Climate Activist

We all see them—the posers. The ones who say they’re environmentally conscious, but then they do things like use disposable diapers and single use plastics, drive a pickup truck, feed their kids pre-packaged food, travel by plane, or live in a suburb.

Just like me.

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Key Issues

BBP Issues Page

See our Bradford Bypass issues page, which includes a timeline of the project, key concerns, as well as documents we received through FOI requests.

Highway Myths

Read our debunking of the many myths, like "highways reduce emissions," or "highways reduce congestion," that proponents are using to try to justify new car infrastructure.


“The Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition is at the forefront of the battle to save the Greenbelt.

Make no mistake about it, the Greenbelt is under threat like never before as the Provincial Government continues a concerted, disastrous attack on its environmental integrity and creates the conditions for its unravelling.

Our ability to fight back largely depends on the ability of community-based groups to resist this destruction of one of Ontario’s greatest accomplishments

The Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition, in particular, has the experience, energy and commitment to offer the leadership we require. I hope they are successful in getting the support and resources they need to do the job.”

David Crombie

Posts (Continued)

A photo of the sun rising over farmland. The sky is clear blue. Credit Federico Respini.

Media Statement – Bill 23

…the changes in Bill 23 do not address the housing affordability crisis, rather they will simply put more money into the pockets of billionaire developers at the expense of Ontarians and the natural resources we depend on.

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A photo of scaffolding on a construction site. Photo by Tolu Olubode on Unsplash.
Affordable Housing

Analysis: More Homes Built Faster Act

Recent moves by Ontario’s government seem likely to create conditions for a number of crises in the next few decades that, when combined, are greater than the sum of their parts. This is what’s known as a “polycrisis”, a term popularized by economic historian Adam Tooze.

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Our Mission

We believe a healthy environment is critical to Simcoe County’s future.

Farmland, water and natural heritage are key components of a healthy environment and thriving economy, and need better protection.

We are calling for the expansion of the Greenbelt to Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food and green spaces.

Community supported, advocacy for a safe and secure future.

Governments have failed to act to protect our communities and the futures of our children and grandchildren, and they continue to treat our environment as if it’s incidental to life, rather than a foundation for it.

We need strong community organizations to fight for our future, now more than ever.

Please consider donating to support our work. It’s people like you who make us possible.

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