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Lake Simcoe Under Pressure Report

Despite commitments to improve the health of Lake Simcoe this government is poised to make decisions that would set us back decades and risk losing the billion dollars worth of ecosystem services, including cleaning the air and water, that the lake provides each year.

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Youth Survey

Youth are often left out of the decision-making process, even though the decisions that are made will have the greatest impact on them, shaping their world for decades to come.

We think this should change. Help by sharing your voice, and get engaged!

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Protect Lake Simcoe
Despite commitments to improve the health of Lake Simcoe this government is poised to make decisions that would set us back decades and risk losing the lake's billion dollar ecosystem services.
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Grow the Greenbelt
Protecting our natural heritage while building communities responsibly is smart and ensures a healthy and sustainable future for Ontario.
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Support a Just Recovery from COVID-19
Crisis is also an opportunity. We can build back better, but, unless we stand together, politicians will support the broken status quo.
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Help us fight MZO requests.
Send a message to your council and MPP, and report MZOs in your community.
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A photo of a young woman and old man, from behind, with their arms around each other. Credit Jana Sabeth.

The view from inside: intergenerational collabs

Cross-group organizing is a real threat to those in power, which is why we see a lot of attempts to get some people to believe that other people are to blame for their problems. When people see another group as the cause of their problems, it gives them somewhere to direct their very real frustration and anger. 

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Photo of four youth, arms around each other, looking towards a sunrise. Credit Helena Lopes.

Youth Climate Activists and the Classroom: Created or Dissuaded?

Climate change has been widely dubbed the ‘Generation Z problem.’ However we were born into ‘our problem’ with our elders actually wanting the problem to be solved, but expecting that we will be the ones to fix it. We were born into a problem that everyone knew we would have to solve eventually, but kept putting off until it became a dire situation.

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Photo of a child dressed up as a deer for halloween. Credit Paige Cody.

Plans, Climate & Automobiles.

We’re told that changing policies is difficult – and in some ways it is; there’s a lot of moving parts and a lot of details to consider. But we also see examples of sweeping policy changes all the time, at all the levels of government – just look at how much changed during Covid-19. It’s totally possible, if we have the political will (and public pressure – that’s where you come in) to do it.

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Our Mission

We believe a healthy environment is critical to Simcoe County’s future.

Farmland, water and natural heritage are key components of a healthy environment and thriving economy, and need better protection.

We are calling for the expansion of the Greenbelt to Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food and green spaces.

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