We do quit a lot of mapping to help analyze and convey to the public the impacts that land-use planning activities can have on the environment and on our built communities.

Much of what we’ve done can be found below. Some, such as bespoke work done for others, is only included if permission is granted.

Documents are organized alphabetically by category and then date, with most recent first.

A “Visit Page” button indicates the image has a page associated with it. Click the button for additional context on the issue it deals with if you’d like.

The primary purpose of these images is to educate on a particular subject. Some have been used in national print media, for presentations to local councils, or shared on social media.


Mapping showing aggregate operations and possible impacts to water quality in Tay Township, Ontario.

Date: August, 2022.

Size: 4 MB

Mapping showing aggregate supply sufficiency in Springwater Township.

Date: December, 2022.

Size: 9 MB

A heatmap showing clustering of aggregate pits likely to supply materials for the planned Bradford Bypass and 413 highways.

Date: February, 2022.

Size: 2 MB

Choropleth map showing municipalities most likely to be impacted by aggregate activity due to construction of the Bradford Bypass and 413 highways.

Date: February, 2022.

Size: 2 MB


A map showing where development is proposed, and showing how it will impact wetlands. Map by SCGC using layers from Simcoe County, the MNRF, and features drawn from the proposal.

Mapping showing a proposed development in Ramara. Council was seeking a MZO to proceed. Lake Couchiching is shallow and susceptible to impacts from development, and this simply isn’t the right place for it.

Date: January, 2019.

Size: 331 KB

Mapping showing the levels of greenland protections in Simcoe County, produced by the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition.

Date: April, 2019.

Size: 2 MB

Food and Agriculture

This chart shows when, if current rates of loss of farmland continue, Ontario will lose food sovereignty.

Date: February, 2022.

Size: 3 MB


Mapping of three highways Ontario’s PC government plans to build. All of them cut through the Greenbelt.

Date: April, 2022.

Size: 1 MB

Simple map showing the route of the Bradford Bypass highway, with built-up area and Greenbelt indicated.

Date: November, 2020.

Size: 311 KB

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