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from COVID-19


As COVID-19 continues to ravage our communities, some leaders are starting to call for austerity as a response to government spending.

We've been here before

We’ve been here before. In the aftermath of disasters some see an opportunity to cut social supports. They argue that it’s better to rip the bandaid off quickly, that harsh measures force people to live within their means, and whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo. 

What they fail to say is that there are some who stand to benefit from this – namely those who already have a lot of wealth.

Current examples – Long-term care homes

When social services are cut there are private companies ready to jump in, and they stand to make a handsome profit. Long-term care homes are a good, and timely, example of how terrible the outcomes can be when there is a profit motivation dictating the delivery of a social service.

The fact that LTCs are such a timely example of this only serves to illustrate and underscore the value of solutions that enhance social cohesion and community resilience. Private profit too often comes at the expense of the public good.

Private profit too often comes at the expense of the public good.

Just Recovery Simcoe

Just Recovery Simcoe, an initiative that SCGC is proud to be a part of, advocates for a recovery from COVID that supports people and their communities, including the natural community that we all so fundamentally rely on.