Issues Map

Wondering where issues are happening in Simcoe County and our region? Check out our issues map.

Learn about threats to our environment and healthy communities in and around Simcoe County.

We try to keep this map as up-to-date as possible. That said, there are so many issues it can be hard to keep up.

If you know of an issue that isn’t shown and you think it should be, or of a change in status for an issue that is shown, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Use the button below to find a form you can use to submit the relevant information.

Interested in learning about issues happening province-wide? Check our the Ours To Protect map.

Map Legend

Issues of concern that are have received support from necessary levels of government and are currently being implemented.

Issues that have the support of the municipality but are waiting on approval from the province or another entity.

Issues that have been proposed but have not yet received the support of the municipality.

Issues of concern, such as MZOs, that have been denied by the province but that are still progressing at the local level.

Issues that have been successfully resolved.

Subject Lands Outline

County Greenlands


Road/Highway Construction

Evaluated Wetlands

Unevaluated Wetlands

Report a MZO or Other Concern in Your Community

Do you know the longitude and latitude? (This is for mapping. An easy way to find this info is to right click the location on Google Maps and click on the numbers displayed at the top of the pop-up. These are the longitude and latitude, and they will be automatically copied when clicked on. You can then paste them in here.)