As a grassroots coalition we provide support to more than 40 organizations, helping to build capacity for creating positive change in our communities.

We make a number of resources available to our members, including access to specialized expertise, networking information, data, and more.

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Organizational members are our core. As a coalition we act on behalf of our members to advance common goals, to build capacity in our network, and to effect positive change that enhances our collective resilience and impact.

Individual members are residents and citizens who both want to support the work that we do, and are interested in taking an active role.

Individual members in this respect are different from our donor supporters, who want to support the work we do but aren’t able to take an active role themselves.

Individual members, as well as Organizational members, are able to access and contribute to member resources.

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Is the application on behalf of an organization or is it as an individual?
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What are your main concerns, whether as an organization – i.e. why does your organization exist? – or as an individual?
What strengths do you think your organization could lend to the coalition to help other groups, local leaders and the coalition itself? Please check all that apply. Note that this is just a way for us to inventory our group assets and in no way obligates your group to a commitment. Check all that apply.
What support and assistance would your group find helpful in meeting your goals and mission? Please check all that apply.

Community supported, advocacy for a safe and secure future.

Governments have failed to act to protect our communities and the futures of our children and grandchildren, and they continue to treat our environment as if it’s incidental to life, rather than a foundation for it.

We need strong community organizations to fight for our future, now more than ever.

Please consider donating to support our work. It’s people like you who make us possible.

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Friends. Online censorship by unaccountable tech companies, combined with an all-out assault on the Greenbelt by Ontario’s developers/government, make this a perilous time for the future of democracy and the power of the people in Ontario.

We need to build new ways of empowering those who believe in accountability, in a healthy environment, and in communities ready to thrive in the economy of tomorrow.

Join our supporter network and stay informed about efforts and actions to protect the Greenbelt, to build communities that support the health and well-being of people, and to lay the foundations of a resilient, climate friendly future.