New Highways and Aggregate Mining in the Greenbelt

Photo, from the air, of a aggregate quarry, with trees at the edge. Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

Research by Gravel Watch Ontario, Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition and Environmental Defence suggests aggregates needed for the Bradford Bypass and 413 highways will come from the 905 and the Greenbelt.

Teedon Pit – Waverley

Picture of an explosion at an aggregate mining operation.

Residents in Tiny are fighting to protect what some tests have shown to be some of the most pure water anywhere in the world. The primary threat to this water is aggregate mining.

Submission on Proposed Changes to the Provincial Policy Statement, 2019

Submission on Proposed Changes to the Provincial Policy Statement, 2019 We have grave concerns about the policy direction under the PPS review. As outlined by the Ontario government, the PPS is “the primary provincial land use policy document guiding municipal decision-making.” So the tone, focus and direction given in this document greatly impacts our communities, […]

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