The Summer Blog: Toby, Week 1

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At this moment in time it is natural to feel discouraged and doubtful that the work we do is worthwhile at all. I get lost in the disasters happening every day and begin to think that nothing I do will ever create the changes I want to see.

Bradford Bypass – Take Action!

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The proposed Bradford Bypass highway is likely to degrade air quality in the Bradford area, impacting resident’s health.

Tell decision makers that your health is more important than the Premier’s developer buddies profits.

The Whale: Confessions of a “Bad” Climate Activist

Photo of a man wearing a baseball cap, with the cap in focus and nearer the viewer. The cap has the words "Love your neighbour" on it. Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

We all see them—the posers. The ones who say they’re environmentally conscious, but then they do things like use disposable diapers and single use plastics, drive a pickup truck, feed their kids pre-packaged food, travel by plane, or live in a suburb.

Just like me.

You have more power than you think.

Make a choice for a better future.

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Friends. Online censorship by unaccountable tech companies, combined with an all-out assault on the Greenbelt by Ontario’s developers/government, make this a perilous time for the future of democracy and the power of the people in Ontario.

We need to build new ways of empowering those who believe in accountability, in a healthy environment, and in communities ready to thrive in the economy of tomorrow.

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