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Arial photo of the Holland Marsh, with Lake Simcoe in the distance. Credit Jeff Laidlaw.

Bradford Bypass

The provincial government is proposing a highway that would connect the 404 with the 400. The proposed route passes along the northern edge of Bradford, and through portions of the Holland Marsh.

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Picture of an explosion at an aggregate mining operation.

Teedon Pit – Waverley

Residents in Tiny are fighting to protect what some tests have shown to be some of the most pure water anywhere in the world. The primary threat to this water is aggregate mining.

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Picture of a Box Turtle. Photo by Joshua J. Cotten.
blood money

Comments on the Species at Risk Conservation Fund

…if this government is truly committed to these initiatives, by which we mean that they are not being used as cheap politics to deflect from the criticism, fully deserved, that they are receiving with regard to the policy changes noted above, then we expect the following

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Innisfil Community Mapping

With the support of the Greenbelt Foundation, the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition analyzed and mapped environmental policies across Simcoe County and the Lake Simcoe watershed landscape.

Following this research, in February 2020 the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition hosted an event at Innisfil’s incredible IdeaLab and Library. This was attended by Innisfil residents, including some members of Council, the MPP for the area, Andrea Khanjin, and members of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition’s Innisfil member groups, including the Innisfil District Association and Innisfree Ltd.

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Climate Change

Comments: Changes to the Forest Sector Strategy

In today’s world, more than ever, good forest management needs to reflect a balance between different uses and needs of the forest.

You do not double industrial output without making provisions for education and research…

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Image of a river running through a forest.
Endangered Species

Media Release: Proposed Changes to the Endangered Species Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 19th, 2019 It is becoming a pattern with this government to hear, once again, that Ontario’s most sensitive and valuable environments are being offered to the highest bidder. ‘Open for business’ now also means trading protection for species at risk to anyone willing to pay the

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Image of a river running through a forest.

Growth Plan Submission

Low density development on greenfields or elsewhere is a net cost to society and should be curtailed accordingly. Strategies should be developed and implemented to account for and to factor into decision making the actual cost of sprawl, reflecting its negative impact on the environment, on the social fabric of our communities and neighbourhoods, on our physical health, and on our political economy.

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