This is most of the content we’ve created. It covers a pretty wide range of issues, but for the most part focuses on our natural world and how we can build our communities in a way that ensures we continue to have a healthy and high quality of life in Ontario for generations to come.


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Photo of a man wearing a baseball cap, with the cap in focus and nearer the viewer. The cap has the words "Love your neighbour" on it. Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash
The Whale

The Whale: Confessions of a “Bad” Climate Activist

We all see them—the posers. The ones who say they’re environmentally conscious, but then they do things like use disposable diapers and single use plastics, drive a pickup truck, feed their kids pre-packaged food, travel by plane, or live in a suburb.

Just like me.

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A photo of the sun rising over farmland. The sky is clear blue. Credit Federico Respini.

Media Statement – Bill 23

…the changes in Bill 23 do not address the housing affordability crisis, rather they will simply put more money into the pockets of billionaire developers at the expense of Ontarians and the natural resources we depend on.

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A photo of scaffolding on a construction site. Photo by Tolu Olubode on Unsplash.
Affordable Housing

Analysis: More Homes Built Faster Act

Recent moves by Ontario’s government seem likely to create conditions for a number of crises in the next few decades that, when combined, are greater than the sum of their parts. This is what’s known as a “polycrisis”, a term popularized by economic historian Adam Tooze.

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Photo of an urban park, with benches on which people are sitting in the foreground and lawn and trees in the background. Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash .

Simcoe County 2022 – 2051 Land Needs Assessment

…value in the context of a community is achieved through livability, which in turn drives economic and social dynamism. Propinquity, or the accessibility of the areas we inhabit, whether that’s for people we socialise with or for consumer good or employment, is the key metric to achieve in this regard. Build communities for people and good things happen.

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Community supported, advocacy for a safe and secure future.

Governments have failed to act to protect our communities and the futures of our children and grandchildren, and they continue to treat our environment as if it’s incidental to life, rather than a foundation for it.

We need strong community organizations to fight for our future, now more than ever.

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