Protect Lake Simcoe

Efforts to enhance the health of Lake Simcoe over the past several years are at risk of being overshadowed by two critical threats: climate change and the impacts of development.

Lake Simcoe is under threat.

Lake Simcoe has a rich and varied history of First Nations culture, of farming, fishing, forestry, ice harvesting, small towns, downtowns, and now run-away urban sprawl.

Lake Simcoe is a microcosm of the challenges confronting water and natural resources in Central and Southern Ontario today.

A recent study by the Nature Conservancy of Canada highlighted some of these threats, concluding that our ecoregion, as well as much of Southern Ontario, is in crisis.1Southern Canada’s crisis ecoregions: identifying the most significant and threatened places for biodiversity conservation

Together with the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition we’ve published a report highlighting some of the biggest threats to the health of Lake Simcoe and the communities surrounding it.

In this report we outline the decisions pending this year that affect Lake Simcoe. And, we ask a critical question – does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Who is looking at the cumulative impact of all of these activities on Lake Simcoe’s health?

Read the report and take action to protect the lake.

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