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The proposed Bradford Bypass highway is likely to degrade air quality in the Bradford area, impacting resident’s health.

Tell decision makers that your health is more important than the Premier’s developer buddies profits.

Traffic related air pollution (TRAP) is known to cause serious health impacts, including asthma, reduced lung function, childhood leukemia, and lung cancer in adults.

Ultra-fine particulate matter, (UFP) which has been poorly understood until recently, is increasingly a major concern, too, due to the ease with which they can be carried through the bloodstream and deposited into organs throughout the body.

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Take Action!

New research by SCGC shows a fuller picture of how building a highway near residential areas is likely to impact residents air quality. Studies by the Ministry only show a partial picture, missing impacts that TRAP may have on recreation, as well as using faulty or incomplete assumptions for future air quality modelling.

Learn more about those impacts here.

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Additional content related to the Bypass

Photo of a highway bridge. Credit Ajai Arif.

The Bradford Bypass – Clearing the Air

There are a lot of misconceptions, myths, and misunderstandings regarding the role that highways and cars play in our economy, and the impact they have on our environment and communities. Many of these are coming to the fore with the Bradford Bypass. Here we address some of them.

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Arial photo of the Holland Marsh, with Lake Simcoe in the distance. Credit Jeff Laidlaw.

Bradford Bypass

The provincial government is proposing a highway that would connect the 404 with the 400. The proposed route passes along the northern edge of Bradford, and through portions of the Holland Marsh.

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